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Maximize the value of your company and connecting you with the right buyer is our motto

PME Progres strives to provide owners with the best business brokerage services to evaluate and find the right buyer for their business on 180 days. Our service is supported by the necessary professionals to help you make the right decision when selling your Business.
Our unique philosophy and confirmed experience allow owners to benefit from all necessary business professionals in one all-inclusive business brokerage service in order to maximize the final selling price and make a successful transaction.
We wrote an E-book on: How to evaluate and sell your business.

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Services for business we provide

Evaluating the selling price
Of your business,
Qualifying potential buyers

Confidential marketing of your business through our buyers database and investors websites

Professional and tailored approach to support you from the listing to the closing

Preparing seller to: Meeting with potential buyers, Counter-offer, Due-diligence, Closing

No matter what type of business you're selling, you want to do it right. Working with a business broker ensures you to receive top-dollar for your business, as well as close the sale more quickly and with less stress.

How to sell a Business steps?

You’ve put a lot of effort, sweat, and blood to make your business successful. That’s why you deserve to be well compensated, now that it’s time  to sell your business.
Entrepreneurs need to take specific steps when Selling  a business. While every businessmen journey is different. The process of selling will go through these steps:
  1. Be committed to the journey of selling process
  2. Determine what professional expertise you need
  3. Make the financials preparation
  4. Determine what your business is worth and Organize your paperwork
  5. Advertise your business on the market
  6. Negotiate offer
  7. Closing the sale
In addition to helping you as business owner to sell your business in Montreal and Quebec. We work with entrepreneurs to help them obtain the best price and the optimal terms and conditions.
Our activity was created in an effort to provide the most comprehensive business brokerage services for small to medium-sized businesses.
Choosing us allows you to benefit from a team consisting of professional business brokers, lawyers, accountants and business consultants, all of whom work in a concerted effort to provide you with the most unique and competitive experience on the market today.
Whether you are a business owner thinking about selling business in Montreal and Quebec or an individual/corporation looking to buy a business, Our firm strives to provide its clients with the best business brokerage service supported by the necessary professional support to help you make the right business decision.
Our unique philosophy and business model allows our clients to benefit from all necessary business professionals in one all-inclusive business brokerage service. PME Progres strives to become the leader in the business brokerage industry.

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