Know the value of your business in Montreal

We specialize in estimating Business most probable selling price MPSP for Middle-market and

Main street Business

Proven expertise with more than 10 years of experienced

Team at your service to produce fully detailed

Valuation report BIZCOMPS®

To estimate the Fair Market Value of your business

We are using the most recognized evaluation methods by banks and financial institutions.

We divide each business performance into five components: Market value of assets, Historical trends of revenues expense and cash flow

The value of rights, privileges and knowledge, Estimated stability in the future and Esthetic appeal.

To produce the final evaluation report we go throw twelve different evaluation Methods

Our Expertise

Detailed report with competitive pricing

1500$ and more depending on business size
An estimate of value report
Twelve Evaluation Methods: Asset Method, Basic Method, Capitalization, Critical Factor, Debt Capacity, Industry Method, Excess Earnings, Discounted Cash Flow, Market Approach, National, Weighted Factors and Suggested Range.
Estimate of tangible asset based on operation statements and estimate of market value
Scope of the review: includes a detailed financial analysis
BIZCOMPS® Market Data

Multiple Evaluation Methods

Twelve separate and distinct evaluation methods are considered to address the numerous components of a business’s current value.
These methodologies are defined numerically. We are calculating the final valuation methodologies to determine the suggested price. We consider finally only the necessarily method on the evaluation report depending on their applicability.


Market Comparables

Companies are evaluated using the direct market comparables from IBA (Institute of Business Appraisers) or BIZCOMPS®.
The IBA market data is a database of over 30,000 closely held business sales which provides market-based reference on the current value of a business.
BIZCOMPS is a database of over 11,000 closely held business sales.

Reasonability Analysis

We calculate numerous ratios to create a reasonability analysis of the suggested company value.

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Transport company Owner

Professional service, fully accurate and detailed report. PME Progres help me to valuate my transport company, in the purpose to understand my shares value to buyout my partner.


K. Bedar
Daycare Owner

They help me on the valuation of a daycare I’m interested to acquire, fast and smooth service. Professional team.

A. Raad

Commercial cleaning company Owner

They help me valuate my cleaning company. I realize thanks to their complete report the real value of my business which I was underestimating. Really recommend their service.


Our Team

Mahmoud Hussein

Business intermediate

Mahmoud is a business professional with more than 20 years in business.
Working in determining the most probable selling price (fair-market-value)
With vast retail and distribution experience in a multicultural environment.

Sofiene Mankai

MPSP Specialist and Business Intermediate

Sofiene is most probable selling price business valuation specialist with engineering Background
He brings his solid engineering background to help determine the optimal Fair market price of your business.
And ensure that all details important to valuate a business are meticulously focused.

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