Improving Staff Retention and Warehouse Productivity through Ergonomics

The 80/20 rule in warehousing explains that 20% of products in a facility are picked 80% of the time, making these high-movers vital to consider when evaluating ergonomic challenges.


Improving warehouse layout and design also improves workflow. The result is an easier and more productive environment for workers. When work is easier to do, it will inherently be done faster with fewer injuries. While reactive ergonomic changes may sometimes be necessary, most ergonomic considerations and modifications should be done proactively to minimize worker injury and illness rates.


Ergonomics is not just about making the right choice for employees, it is also the best economic choice. Every $1 spent on ergonomics saves $10.


While some managers still look at ergonomics as a form of regulatory burden or reactionary response to a problem, successful leaders understand its ongoing importance. A proactive ergonomic focus helps organizations to maximize productivity and improve employee retention.


One area of staff retention and warehouse productivity that is frequently overlooked is the effect of ergonomics on production. Consciously or not, ergonomics pervades every aspect of facility management.


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